Helium Gas Bottle

Helium gas is a colourless, odourless, and non-toxic element that is lighter than air. It is commonly used for various applications, both in residential and commercial contexts. Helium gas bottles are versatile and serve a wide range of purposes, including balloon inflation, floating retail displays, scientific and industrial processes and medical applications.

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Helium Balloon Gas | Rent-Free Gas Cylinder

Delivery disclaimer for gas cylinders 20L and above: Areas outside of SO* (Southampton),PO* (Portsmouth), BH* (Bournemouth), SP* (Salisbury), DT* (Dorchester), RG* (Reading) are  'collection' only. Delivery is available beyond these areas (nationwide) for cylinder sizes that are under 20L.

Helium Balloon Inflator

  • Durable, easy to install and use
  • Hand-tight cylinder connection requires no wrench for installation
  • Safe, easy operation by rubber tilt valve which is simple to replace if damaged due to excessive wear and tear
  • Horizontal one-piece model with all brass piston construction
  • 10" extendable hose to ease inflation (Premium version)
  • Pressure gauge to show how much gas is left (Premium version)
  • Flow control to adjust filling speed and pressure when inflating (Premium version)

Helium Gas Cylinder FAQs

What safety precautions should I follow when using helium gas bottles for balloon inflation?

Prioritising safety when handling helium gas canisters, helium balloon tanks, or helium gas bottles is essential. Safety is a priority at EWS so any safety information will always be attached to our gas bottle products. Please familiarise yourself with our Helium Gas Safety Data Sheet, which will give you all the safety information you will need to make the most of your gas bottle safely.

Can I use your helium gas bottles for inflating balloons at a large event or party?

Absolutely. Our helium gas bottles are designed to meet a variety of balloon inflation needs, including both small-scale and large-scale events. Whether you're organizing a birthday party, wedding, or corporate celebration, our helium gas cylinders provide the necessary supply to inflate balloons and create a festive atmosphere. 

How long will the helium gas last for balloon inflation?

The duration for which helium gas lasts in a cylinder depends on several factors, such as the size of the helium gas bottle, the volume of balloons being inflated, and the size of the balloons. It is challenging to provide an exact timeframe as consumption rates vary. However, our helium gas cylinders are available in different sizes to accommodate various balloon inflation needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements and select the appropriate helium gas cylinder size to ensure you have enough helium to inflate your balloons for your desired duration.