Caddy Tig 1500i, TA33 package incl.Tig torch TXH 151,4m

Caddy Tig 1500i/2200i, TA34

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  • Compact and portable inverter for advanced TIG welding, with HF or LiftArc™ start, and MMA
  • Durable and impact resistant design with OKC 50 cable connectors
  • Easy to operate. Graphical parameter setting for advanced TIG welding
  • Digital display for settings
  • Remote control possibility
  • Pulsed TIG giving increased control of heat input and weld pool
  • Two memories for storing of settings
  • Micro Pulse minimising heat affected zone especially on thin material
  • Adjustable slope up/down and gas post-flow
  • ArcPlus™ II regulator for better MMA welding characteristics. Higher weld quality with less after treatment
  • Caddy® Tig 1500i welds most electrodes from Ø 1,6 – 3,2 mm and some 4 mm electrodes
  • Caddy® Tig 2200i welds most electrodes from Ø 1,6 – 4 mm
  • Can operate with extra long mains cables, over 100m
  • IP 23 – designed for outdoor use making it safe on all work sites


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