Origo Tig 3000i AC/DC, TA24

Origo Tig 3000i AC/DC, TA24 AC/DC

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In both DC and AC mode this TIG welding machine will give an excellent start and stable arc. All types of material and thickness can be welded with the highest quality.

  • Designed for quality TIG-welding in all types of material
  • QWave™ – enables AC welding with high arc stabliity and low noise
  • AC frequency and balance control optimises weld pool
  • DC pulsed TIG welding gives easy control of heat input
  • ESAB 2-program function. Possibility to pre-program and change program during welding
  • Easy to use. All parameters presented in an easily comprehensible way
  • MMA welding: Hot start, arc force and polarity switch.


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