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Our hire department is committed to providing our customers with comprehensive solutions for all their welding needs. We understand that making the right equipment choices is crucial, whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting in the welding industry.

Why Choose EWS For Your Hire:

  • Expertise you can trust: With over 50 years of experience, we’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge. Our team of technical experts is here to guide you, whether you need assistance with equipment selection, welding techniques or safety guidelines.
  • Unmatched variety: Access an extensive fleet of over 60,000 hire units. From MIG Welding Equipment and Diesel Welders to TIG Welding Equipment, Multi-Process Welding Equipment & Wire Feeders, Rotators, Column & Boom, Positioners, Subarc Equipment, Induction Heating, Plasma Cutters, Extraction, and a wide range of accessories, we’ve got you covered.
  • Flexible rental options: We understand that every project is unique. That’s why we offer flexible rental terms, allowing you to hire equipment on a daily, weekly, monthly, or long-term basis. No matter the duration, we have the right solution for you. 
  • Nationwide coverage: No matter how many branches you have or where they are in the UK, you have access to our top-quality welding equipment and expertise across the country.
  • The full solution: EWS customers have access to technical advice, the option to buy at the end of hire for selected equipment, consumables, industrial gas packages- everything you need. 

Our hire department promises you the equipment you need, precisely configured to your requirements, without the upfront investment. 

All prices are EX VAT

All hire machines above are supplied complete with a mains lead, earth returns lead, welding torch and a gas regulator.

Hire rates below are just for a handful of our most popular units. Rates are per week, reduced rates are available for long time hire.



Welding Equipment

Stick Welding Equipment Packages

Includes: Air or water-cooled MIG gun, earth cable, interconnecting cable, regulator, gas hose and watercooler (if applicable).
Stick Welding Equipment Hire Hero
DescriptionResourcesPrice per Week
Fronius TransTig 2200 Package 200AManual / DatasheetTBC
Lincoln Electic Invertec 170TX PackageManual / DatasheetTBC
Lincoln Electric Invertec 300TPX Air PackageManualTBC
Lincoln Electric Flextec 450 500AManual / DatasheetTBC
Lincoln Electric Flextec 650 750AManual / DatasheetTBC

MIG Welding Equipment Packages

Includes: Air or water-cooled MIG gun, earth cable, interconnecting cable, regulator, gas hose and watercooler (if applicable).
DescriptionResourcesPrice per Week
Migatronic Omega 300 (Bi-Tension) PackageManual / BrochureTBC
Fronius TPS 270i PackageManual / DatasheetTBC
Fronius TPS 500i Water Aluminium PackageManual / DatasheetTBC
Fronius TransSteel 5000 Water PackageManualTBC
Lincoln Electric Powertec 425S Water PackageManual / DatasheetTBC
Lincoln Electric Flextec 450 & LN25 Wire Feed PackageManual / DatasheetTBC
Miller XMT 450 CC/CVManual / DatasheetTBC

TIG Welding Equipment

Includes: Air or water cooled TIG torch or electrode holder, earth cable, regulator, gas hose, 315 watercooler (if applicable).
TIG Welding Equipment Hire Hero
DescriptionResourcesPrice per Week
Lincoln Electic Invertec 170TX PackageManual / DatasheetTBC
Fronius TransTig 2200 Package 200AManual / DatasheetTBC
Fronius TransTig 3000 Air Package 300AManual / DatasheetTBC
Fronius TransTig 3000 Watercooled Package 300AManual / DatasheetTBC
Lincoln Electric Invertec 300TPX Air PackageManualTBC
Fronius MagicWave 5000 Water Aluminium PackageManual / DatasheetTBC

Multi-Process Welding Equipment & Wire Feeders

Includes: MIG air cooled torch, earth cable, regulator, gas hose, electrode holder cable.
Lincoln FlexTec 350X - CE
DescriptionResourcesPrice per Week
Lincoln FlexTec 350X - CEManualTBC
Lincoln LN25X Pro WirefeederManualTBC
15m Welding Cable ExtensionTBC

Mobile Welding Packages

Mobile Welding Packages Hire Hero
DescriptionResourcesPrice per Week
Wheelbarrow Gasoline Group TIG / MMA SetTBC
Group GNR TIG/MMA/MIG/Gouging/Innershield Trolley*TBC
Group GNR Road Trolley TIG/MMA/MIG/Gouging/Innershield*TBC
GNR Group Set Wheelbarrow*TBC
* Refinery specification includes spare arrestor, chalwyn valve, battery terminal cover and fire extinguisher

MIG/MAG Tractors / Pickling / Pipe Prepping Machines

Bug-O Go-Fer IV
DescriptionResourcesPrice per Week
Bug-O Chariot Go-Fer IV PackageManual / BrochureTBC
Clinox Stripping SystemTBC
Pipe Preparation MachinesTBC

Gouging & Oxy / Fuel Equipment

Cutting Torch Assembly
DescriptionResourcesPrice per Week
Arcair Slice PackageManual / DatasheetTBC
Cutting Torch AssemblyTBC
Pipe Cutting PackagesTBC
Bug-O II Tractor PackageTBC
Bug-O III Tractor PackageTBC
Bug-O Matic Tractor PackageManualTBC

Electric Distribution Units

Electric Distribution Units Hire Hero
DescriptionResourcesPrice per Week
32A Transformers - ETN 015, 016TBC
Transformers - 220v, 110v, 500vaTBC
Extension Cables - 16A, 32A, 24V, 220V, 380VTBC

Portable Electric Ovens & Submerged Arc Tractors

DescriptionResourcesPrice per Week
Portable Oven ETU - 100TBC
Large Capacity Oven - 3 Shelves ETU 101TBC
Submerged Arc SetTBC

Welder Generators

Fuel surcharges may be applicable.
DescriptionPrice per Week
500 Amp Diesel WelderTBC
400 Amp Diesel WelderTBC
300 Amp Diesel WelderTBC

Welding Automation


Welding Rotator
DescriptionResourcePrice per Week
5t Drive RollTBC
5t Idler RollTBC
10t Drive RollTBC
10t Idler RollTBC
20t Drive RollTBC
20t Idler RollTBC
30t Drive RollTBC
30t Idler RollTBC
60t Drive RollTBC
60t Idler RollTBC
120t Drive RollTBC
120t Idler RollTBC
200t Drive RollTBC
200t Idler RollTBC
300t Drive RollTBC
300t Idler RollTBC
500t Drive RollTBC
500t Idler RollTBC

Column and Boom

Medium Duty Column Boom
DescriptionResourcesPrice per Week
Column & Boom - 7m x 7mTBC
Column & Boom - 6m x 6mTBC
Column & Boom - 5m x 5mTBC
Column & Boom - 4m x 4mTBC
Column & Boom - 3m x 3mTBC

Welding Positioners

Welding Positioner
DescriptionResourcesPrice per Week
Positioner - 1tTBC
Positioner - 1.5tTBC
Positioner - 3tTBC
Positioner - 5tTBC
Positioner - 20tTBC
Positioner - 35tTBC

Induction Pre-Heating & Fume Extraction Units

Miller ProHeat 35 Liquid Cooled Induction System
DescriptionResourcesPrice per Week
Miller IHS ProHeat 35DatasheetTBC
Reversible Extractor AssemblyTBC
PlymoVent Portable Fume ExtractionManual / DatasheetTBC
Kemper Profimaster Fume Extraction With ArmManual / DatasheetTBC

Specialty Equipment

Plasma Cutters

Compressor required above Powermax 30.

DescriptionResourcesPrice per Week
Hypertherm Plasma Powermax 30XP CutterManual / DatasheetTBC
Hypertherm Powermax105 Plasma CutterManual / DatasheetTBC
Hypertherm Powermax30 AIR Plasma systemManualTBC
Hypertherm Powermax125 Plasma CutterManual / DatasheetTBC


DescriptionPrice per Week
Inverter 4 Pak and PanelTBC
Inverter 6 Pak and PanelTBC


DescriptionPrice per Week
Interconnecting Cable MIGTBC
TIG torch extensionTBC
Welding cable extension 15m, 95mmTBC
Welding cable extension 15mTBC
Air HoseTBC
Coil AdapterTBC
MIG Gun Water CooledTBC
MIG Gun Air CooledTBC
Pot RemoteTBC
Preheat cable cover 30 - 140ftTBC
TIG torch, air cooledTBC
TIG torch, water cooledTBC
Welding earth cable, 95mmTBC
Electrode Holder Welding CableTBC
Welding earth cableTBC

This is not our full inventory.

If you can’t see what you need, please contact us.

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