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Combat weld spatter and keep your workspace efficient with Anti-Spatter Sprays & Fluids!

Tame the splatter monster and transform your welding experience. Anti-Spatter Sprays & Fluids, encompassing both convenient aerosol cans and cost-effective bulk containers, are designed to significantly reduce spatter adhesion on metal surfaces during welding processes like MIG, TIG, and Stick. This translates to faster clean-up times, minimised post-weld grinding, and protection for your valuable equipment, including torches and nozzles.

Our diverse selection caters to both professional welders and DIY enthusiasts, featuring water-based, environmentally friendly options, alongside heavy-duty formulas for industrial applications. Invest in an anti-spatter spray or fluid and experience the difference: improved weld quality, increased productivity, and reduced material waste.

Benefits of using anti-spatter sprays and fluids:

  • Reduce clean-up time: Anti-spatter sprays and fluids make it easy to remove spatter from your welding equipment and surfaces.
  • Protect your equipment: Spatter can damage your welding equipment, including your torch, nozzle, and worktable. Anti-spatter sprays and fluids help to protect your equipment from damage.
  • Improve weld quality: Spatter can interfere with the welding process and produce poor quality welds. Anti-spatter sprays and fluids help to improve weld quality by preventing spatter from interfering with the welding arc.

Types of anti-spatter sprays and fluids:

There are two main types of anti-spatter sprays and fluids: water-based and silicone-based.

  • Water-based anti-spatter sprays and fluids: Water-based anti-spatter sprays and fluids are the most common type. They are non-toxic and easy to clean up. However, they may not be as effective as silicone-based anti-spatter sprays and fluids.
  • Silicone-based anti-spatter sprays and fluids: Silicone-based anti-spatter sprays and fluids are more effective at preventing spatter from sticking, but they can be more difficult to clean up. They may also leave a residue on your welding equipment.
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