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Discover our extensive range of industrial and leisure gas bottles from our specialist gas partners BUSE, Adam’s Gas and Flogas.

Our commercial gas solutions include rent-free gas bottle packages and hire gas bottle packages tailored to suit your specific business gas volumes. Our vast stock list includes MIG welding gas, TIG welding gas, beer gas, carbon dioxide gas, helium balloon gas, forklift truck gas and plenty more industrial gases.

Our leisure gas bottle options include rent-free gas bottle packages to suit a range of hobby or leisure gas usages such as BBQ gas, patio gas, camping gas, home bar gas and hobby welding gas.

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5% CO2 / Argon Mix Gas
Adams Gas
£ 26.4

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5% CO2 / Argon Mix Gas
Adams Gas
£ 43.37

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Helium Balloon Gas Rent-Free Gas Cylinder
Adams Gas
£ 62.2

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Buse Pure Nitrogen Gas

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We are based in the UK but we can deliver to most places in the world through our network of couriers.

Delivery costs depend on where you require deliver to.  If you are in the UK, simply add your product(s) to your basket.  When you’re done, view your basket and on the right-hand side of the screen, you can add your address and a price will be displayed.

If you’re only using 1-5 gas bottles per year then we would recommend rent-free cylinders.  Shop our rent-free gas bottles.

Using more than 5 gas cylinders per year, our gas hire option is for you.  Learn more.

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