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    machine service

    Machine Servicing

    Our support does not end when you receive the delivery of your new welding machine.

    Our engineers offer ongoing advice and can provide a full service, including:

    • Repairs
    • Spares backup
    • Electrical safety inspection EN60974-14:2016


    Successfully calibrated welding equipment can maximise performance through high quality welds. A certified calibration by us will ensure that your welding machine runs to its best capabilities.  

    Our calibration spec includes:

    • Basic validation
    • Machine calibration to BS standard EN IEC 60974-14:2018
    • Calibration for welding plants to BS standard EN IEC 60974-14:2018
    • Gas Regulator & Flowmeter Calibration

    Compressed Gas Safety Inspection

    It is a legal requirement to ensure gas equipment in the workplace is maintained and inspected regularly.

    Our highly qualified Inspectors can carry out rigorous checks and will supply a Report of Thorough Examination with a certificate of H&SE compliance. 


    Gas Manifold Systems

    Our experienced team can also assist with the supply and installation of gas manifolds as well as remedial repairs and servicing upgrades.

    Our current customers include: workshops, laboratories, schools and universities but no matter the nature of your business we’ve got you covered.

    LEV Testing

    The COSHH regulations require that all LEV systems are subject to a thorough examination and tested every 14 months. Missed or inadequate testing can result in employers being prosecuted, insurance being invalidated and employee health risks.

    Our partners are experts in assessing all types of LEV installations and the team work strictly in accordance with HSG258 guidelines on Controlling Airborne Contaminants as well as conform to HSE standards.

    Whether you’re a workshop, laboratory or education facility our partners offer the full solution for any welding fume, particle and dust extraction solutions.

    Exclusive partnership with BUSE: industrial & speciality gas for reliable, flexible and fully managed gas solutions

    As part of our next step towards Distributing the tools to build stronger communities, we are excited to have agreed a partnership with BUSE.

    BUSE is a German company that has built a credible reputation over 130 years for their speciality and industrial gases. BUSE’s broad gas range serves the Food, Health, Pharmaceuticals & Biotech, Industry & Trade, Offshore, Chemistry & Petrochemical markets. Whether cutting or welding metal, protecting food, or calibrating the finest laboratory technology – the range of applications is almost limitless.

    100% of our newly-joined BUSE customers have either saved money, saved time or reduced their operational downtime since swapping to a BUSE Gas trade account.