Machine Service

Machine repair and service,  safety inspection.


Machine calibration to BS standard EN50504:2008, compliance for BS EN1090 for Fabrication Industry or basic validation.

Gas Regulator and Flowmeter Calibration.

Compressed Gas Equipment Safety Inspection

Oxy/Acetylene, Oxy/Propane  cutting and welding kits to BCGA CP7.
Inert and Fuel gas Manifold systems and Regulators.
Autochange laboratory systems.
Tagging. Reports, Remedial repairs, Final Certification.

Gas manifold systems

Supply and installation of gas manifolds for workshops, laboratory, schools and university.
Oxy/acetylene systems
Inert and fuel gas pipelines
Autochange manifolds
Remedial repairs and servicing

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boc agent


In April 1994 Express Weldcare Services was apppointed as a main agent for BOC gases, for which a special compound has been constructed. Offering a full range of BOC gases on a collection basis, Express is pleased to be able to offer this additional service to local industry. As Agents for BOC Express Weldcare Services holds a stock of the most common industrial gases an a variety of sizes. Oxygen, Acetylene, Oxygen free Nitrogen, Pureshield Argon, Propane, Argoshield Light, Argoshield Universal, Argoshield Heavy, CO2 and Balloon Gas. All are available for immediate collection by BOC account holders. Dont worry if you do not have a BOC account, we can open one instantly at our counter, as long as you bring your bank details and proof of identity. Gas counter open from 7:45 AM until 4:15 PM

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