Butane Gas Bottles

Butane gas, also referred to as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), is a versatile and efficient fuel used in various applications across industries and outdoor activities. 

Butane gas cylinders are ideal for camping and leisure activities, powering portable stoves, lanterns, and heaters to provide cooking, lighting, and warmth during your adventures. Contrastingly, in more commercial contexts, butane gas ensures precise and clean combustion, producing professional results.

Shop our Flogas butane range including various butane gas bottle and canister sizes to cater to your needs. Our butane range comprises of 13kg, 7kg, and 4.5kg butane gas bottles as well as the popular 2.72kg Campingaz 907 canister.

Butane Gas Bottle| Butane Gas Refill | 1.81kg | 2.72kg | 4.5kg | 7kg | 13kg | Rent Free Gas

Butane gas is a clean and efficient hydrocarbon gas widely used for heating, cooking, and camping purposes. Our butane gas

Flogas Butane Blue 20mm Gas Cylinder

  • Pure butane gas for exceptional performance and safety
  • Precise control for reliable operation
  • Versatile applications for a range of needs
  • Portable and convenient design

Camping Gas Bottle | Campingaz 904 | New Or Refilled Butane Camping Gas Canisters – 1.81kg

Campingaz 904 Experience the ultimate convenience and reliability for your outdoor adventures with the Campingaz 904 camping gas bottle. Designed

Camping Gas Bottle| Campingaz 907 | New Or Refilled Butane Camping Gas Canisters – 2.72kg

Experience the ultimate convenience and reliability for your outdoor adventures with the Campingaz 907 camping gas bottle. Designed specifically for

Butane Gas Bottle FAQs

Can I use Flogas butane gas bottles as a substitute for Calor butane gas bottles?

Yes, although the size of our gas bottles may be slightly different in comparison to Calor gas bottles our cylinders offer the same reliable performance and are compatible with a wide range of applications. You can confidently choose our Flogas gas cylinders as an alternative for your fuel needs knowing Flogas is an industry leader in gas bottle solutions and EWS is a premium partner of Flogas meaning you will also get the expertise and aftercare you need.

Is butane gas safe to use?

Yes, butane gas is safe to use when handled and stored properly. Safety is a priority at EWS so any safety information will always be attached to our gas bottle products. Please familiarise yourself with our Butane Safety Data Sheet and general bottle safety here, which will give you all the safety information you will need to get the most out of your gas bottle with peace of mind.

How long does a butane gas bottle typically last?

The duration of a butane gas bottle depends on various factors such as the size of the bottle, the intensity of usage, and the specific application. Smaller bottles may last hours, while larger ones can provide fuel for several days or even weeks. With this in mind,  it is advisable to monitor the gas level regularly and keep a spare bottle handy to avoid interruptions during important tasks or activities.