Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Weld Purge Monitor Spares & Accessories

We have a range of spares and accessories for PurgEye Weld Purge MonitorsPurgenet® Dew Point Sensor, PurgeAlarm® Visual Alarm Indicator, docking stations, carry cases and more.

Vacuum Extractor Gas Sampling Hand Pump APIS110

£12.00 ex. VAT     £14.40 inc VAT
APIS110 Vacuum extractor gas sampling hand pump    

Huntingdon Fusion PurgeAlarm Green Light Add-On PNA-021

£68.00 ex. VAT     £81.60 inc VAT
Green light add-on for Huntingdon Fusion PurgeAlarm Visual Alarm Indicator  

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques APIS103 Rubber Protective Housing

£53.00 ex. VAT     £63.60 inc VAT
Choose from our full range of replacement parts and spares for the Argweld PurgEye 100 IP65 hand held purge monitor.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Batteries AA APIS114

£3.50 ex. VAT     £4.20 inc VAT
Batteries AA APIS114

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Battery Cover APIS112

£25.00 ex. VAT     £30.00 inc VAT
APIS112 Battery cover

Huntingdon Fusion Bracket for PurgeAlarm

£28.00 ex. VAT     £33.60 inc VAT
Bracket for Huntingdon Fusion PurgeAlarm

Huntingdon Fusion PurgEye 100 Carrying, Storage and Presentation Case APIS140-1

£35.00 ex. VAT     £42.00 inc VAT
Carrying, storage and Presentation Case for Huntingdon Fusion PurgEye 100

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Docking Station for Charging PurgEye 1000 APIS311

£145.00 ex. VAT     £174.00 inc VAT
Genuine replacement or spare docking station for charging Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT) PurgEye 1000 Weld Purge Monitor. Part number APIS311

HFT PurgEye 100 Purge Monitor Gorilla Tripod Medium APIS104

£39.50 ex. VAT     £47.40 inc VAT
Gorilla tripod for Huntingdon Fusion Purgeye 100 Weld Purge Monitor

Huntingdon Fusion PurgEye 100 Replacement Sensor

£105.00 ex. VAT     £126.00 inc VAT
Huntingdon Fusion PurgEye® 100 IP65 Sensors will increase the sensor life significantly and guarantee longer life from your monitor. Spare

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Wrist and Neck Strap APIS106

£7.50 ex. VAT     £9.00 inc VAT
Weld Purge Monitors – Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT

Huntington Fusion PurgeEye Service, repair, clean and re-calibration with certificate APIS207

£365.00 ex. VAT     £438.00 inc VAT
Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® has several repair and recalibration facilities around the world. Please send us your unit and we

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Purgenet Dew Point Purging Gas Moisture Sensor DPS1000

£2,925.00 ex. VAT     £3,510.00 inc VAT
The HFT® PurgeNet™ Dew Point Purging Gas Moisture Sensor™ revolutionises the measurement of the dew point for critical welds, making

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques PurgeNet Smart Cable PNA-05

£415.00 ex. VAT     £498.00 inc VAT
Huntingdon Fusion Technique’s (HFT) PurgeNet™ Smart Cable, a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly links smart accessories for weld purging. This innovative

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques PurgEye 200 Carry Case APIS525

£55.00 ex. VAT     £66.00 inc VAT
Spare or replacement carry case for Huntingdon Fusion PurgEye 200 Weld Purge Monitor

Huntingdon Fusion PurgEye 100 Leak Tight Stainless Steel Probe APIS109

£23.29 ex. VAT     £27.95 inc VAT
Leak tight stainless steel probe

Huntingdon Fusion PurgeNet™ Weld Machine Interface Lead PNA-01

£415.00 ex. VAT     £498.00 inc VAT
The PurgeNet™ Machine Interface revolutionises the Weld Purge Monitor® by enabling users to set a minimum parts per million (PPM)