Weld Cleaning Fluid and Accessories

Weld cleaning fluids are chemical solutions used to clean and passivate stainless steel welds. Welding can leave behind discoloration, oxidation, and other contaminants on the surface of stainless steel, which can compromise its corrosion resistance and aesthetic appearance. Weld cleaning fluids are designed to remove these contaminants and restore the surface of the stainless steel to its original condition.

Cougartron 5L Weld Cleaning & Neutralising Fluid Container Tap WELC2253

£10.00 ex. VAT     £12.00 inc VAT
Use our weld cleaning and neutralising fluids more easily and conveniently with the new Cougartron Container Tap. Now you don’t

Cougartron Acid Container WELC2005 – 500ml

£10.00 ex. VAT     £12.00 inc VAT
The Acid Container is a useful tool that is used during weld cleaning to hold your weld cleaning fluid. The

Cougartron CGT-350 Weld Cleaning Fluid (Non-Dangerous)

CGT-350 is a mild but effective fluid for stainless steel weld cleaning and passivation. CGT-350 can be used on light

Cougartron CGT-550 Weld Cleaning and Polishing Fluid

Cougartron CGT-550 weld cleaning and polishing fluid is used for cleaning, polishing, and passivating stainless steel welds and surfaces after

Cougartron CGT-N5 Hy-Performance Neutralising Fluid

CGT-N5 is the new neutralising fluid specially developed strong ready-to-use formula for all stainless steel surfaces. CGT-N5 will successfully remove

Cougartron Microfiber Cloth WELC2149 – 38 x 38cm

£8.00 ex. VAT     £9.60 inc VAT
Cougartron microfiber cloth is made from thin polyester and nylon fibers. The cloth is extremely effective with stainless steel cleaning

Cougartron Replacement Sprayer for Spray Bottle WELC2092

£10.00 ex. VAT     £12.00 inc VAT
Replacement sprayer for the Cougatron Spray Bottle WELC2092. The sprayer is also compatible with the 0.5 L bottles for Cougartron

Cougartron Spray Bottle with Sprayer for Neutralising Fluids WELC2201

£12.00 ex. VAT     £14.40 inc VAT
Spray bottle for CGT-N1, and CGT-N5 neutralising fluids*. The brass nozzle and robust trigger will help you to neutralise the

There are different types of weld cleaning fluids available, such as acid-based, alkaline-based, and neutral pH solutions. Acid-based solutions are typically used for heavy-duty cleaning, whereas alkaline-based solutions are better suited for lighter cleaning tasks. Neutral pH solutions are generally used for more sensitive applications where the use of acid or alkaline-based solutions may cause damage to the material or surrounding environment.

Some weld cleaning fluids contain surfactants or inhibitors that help to prevent re-contamination of the surface after cleaning. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully when using these solutions, as they can be hazardous if not handled properly.