Plasma Cutters – 20-30mm Material Thickness Cut

20mm to 30mm plasma cutters are a type of plasma cutter that can cut through metal up to 20mm to 30mm thick. Plasma cutters use a plasma arc to melt and vaporise metal, and the 20mm to 30mm plasma cutter is able to create a plasma arc that is powerful enough to cut through thicker metals.

Jasic Cut 100 Plasma Cutting Inverter Package ZXJP-100

£2,247.50 ex. VAT     £2,697.00 inc VAT
Jasic Plasma Cut 100 400V Jasic Cut 100 Plasma Inverter Package includes power source, plasma torch 6 metre, work return

Jasic Plasma Cutter Cut 80 400V ZXJP-81

£1,328.60 ex. VAT     £1,594.32 inc VAT

Highly advanced plasma cutter for precise smooth cuts. The New Jasic Pro Plasma Cut 80 is professional high-end plasma cutting inverter equipped with the latest IGBT technology.

Parweld XTP 103 Inverter Plasma Cutter

£2,059.00 ex. VAT     £2,470.80 inc VAT
Professional Level Air Plasma Cutter, suitable for industrial manufacturing, CNC profiling, heavy fabrication and scrap cutting

Migatronic ZETA 100 PLASMA CUTTER 79624105

£3,460.07 ex. VAT     £4,152.08 inc VAT
Zeta 100 plasma cutter, 6m cutting torch, 3m earth cable