Earth Clamps

When it comes to arc welding, a secure ground connection is essential for achieving high-quality welds and ensuring the safety of the welder. Earth clamps play a critical role in establishing a reliable electrical connection between the welding machine and the workpiece. Our selection of earth clamps for arc welders offers top-notch quality and durability, allowing you to maintain a solid grounding system throughout your welding projects.

Bohler Welding Earth Clamps

  • Safe and reliable electrical connection
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant construction
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling
  • Suitable for a variety of welding applications

200A Earth Clamp – Croc Type 1083

£2.95 ex. VAT     £3.54 inc VAT
  • Sturdy and reliable Earth Clamp with a 200A maximum capacity.
  • Crocodile-style jaw design for secure and strong electrical connections.
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications, including construction, electrical installations, and maintenance projects
  • Constructed from high-quality materials for excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance.

400A Earth Clamp – Croc Type 1084

£4.24 ex. VAT     £5.09 inc VAT
  • High-performance 400A Earth Clamp - Croc Type
  • Robust and reliable construction for secure grounding and electrical connections
  • Strong grip with crocodile-style jaws for tight and stable connections
  • Suitable for use with various conductive surfaces

600A Earth Clamp – Screw Type 1085

£10.29 ex. VAT     £12.35 inc VAT
  • High-performance 600A Earth Clamp - Screw Type
  • Ensures secure connection to the earth for maximum safety
  • Minimises electrical hazards and protects equipment
  • Superior conductivity for optimal grounding effectiveness
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Suitable for demanding environments and harsh conditions

ESAB 600A & 400A Magnetic Earth Clamp

Magnetic earth clamps with strong gripping power that permits attachment to any ferrous object. These clamps provide a large contact

ESAB Return Earth Clamp CC11 – 0701400000

£12.63 ex. VAT     £15.16 inc VAT
This clamp is robustly constructed from substantial castings. The screw lever allows maximum compression to the workpiece. Suitable for up

Weldability-SIF Nevada Type Earth Clamp – 200A, 350A, 500A

  • Solid, rugged, design
  • Strong spring jaws
  • 200A, 350A and 500A
  • Nevada style

SWP 600A Earth Clamp – MyKing Type 1082

£20.39 ex. VAT     £24.47 inc VAT
  • Manufactured to SWP®'s high standards and made with their expertise
  • Available as either a 200A and 400A crocodile style or a screw-on type depending on your needs

What is the purpose of an earth clamp in arc welding?

An earth clamp, also known as a ground clamp, is used in arc welding to establish a secure electrical connection between the welding machine and the workpiece. It serves as a grounding point, ensuring the flow of electricity and providing a safe pathway for the welding current. The earth clamp helps maintain a stable welding arc, improves welding performance, and enhances safety by preventing electrical shocks and minimising electrical resistance.

How does an earth clamp work in arc welding?

An earth clamp works by creating a low-resistance connection between the welding machine and the workpiece, establishing a pathway for the electrical current. It attaches to the workpiece, typically in a location close to the welding area, and securely clamps onto its surface. The clamp's jaws penetrate any surface contaminants or oxidation layers to establish a direct electrical contact with the metal, ensuring efficient current flow and a stable welding circuit.

Can I use any type of earth clamp for arc welding?

While it is recommended to use an earth clamp specifically designed for arc welding, it is essential to choose a clamp suitable for your welding machine and the nature of your welding projects. Arc welding generates significant heat and electrical currents, so using a clamp specifically engineered for this purpose ensures optimal performance, durability, and safety. Using a dedicated arc welding earth clamp will provide a secure connection and minimise the risk of electrical resistance or failure.