Leather welding masks are a popular choice for welders because they are durable, comfortable, and affordable. Leather is a natural material that is resistant to heat and sparks, and it also provides good insulation from the heat of the welding arc. Leather welding masks are also typically lighter than other types of welding masks, such as those made of metal or plastic.

Leather welding masks come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit the needs of different welders. Some leather welding masks have a flip-up front lens, while others have a fixed front lens. Leather welding masks can also be purchased with or without auto-darkening lenses. Auto-darkening lenses automatically darken when the welding arc is struck, which helps to protect the welder’s eyes from the bright light.

Honeywell Leather Welding Mask with Flip-Up Welding Goggles

  • Provides excellent protection for your head, face, and eyes
  • Made of thick, split leather that is resistant to heat, sparks, and splatter
  • Features flip-up welding goggles with a variety of lens shades to choose from
  • Adjustable headgear for a custom fit
  • Soft foam padding for all-day comfort
  • Ventilation holes to help keep you cool
  • Removable sweatband for easy cleaning

Leather Welding Mask – Rectangular ADF

£57.22 ex. VAT     £68.66 inc VAT
This product has been discontinued.  Please view our range of Leather Welding Masks here.