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Honeywell Air Fed Welding Helmets (3)

3M Speedglas Air Fed Welding Helmets (5)

Bohler Air Fed Welding Helmets (11)

ESAB Air Fed Welding Helmets (11)

Migatronic Air Fed Welding Helmets (2)

Parweld Air Fed Welding Helmets (2)

XCEL Air Fed Welding Helmets (3)

Air Fed Welding Helmet Spares (117)

Air fed welding helmets provide the highest level of respiratory protection for welders, protecting them from harmful fumes, gases, and dust. The helmet is supplied with fresh air from a separate source, such as a compressor or cylinder, which is filtered and pumped into the helmet through a hose. This creates a positive pressure environment inside the helmet, which prevents outside contaminants from entering.

Air fed welding helmets are essential for welders who work in hazardous environments, such as confined spaces or areas with poor ventilation. They are also commonly used by welders who work on specialised projects, such as shipbuilding or nuclear power plant maintenance.

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