Welding Clamps

Welding clamps are specialised tools used in welding processes to hold workpieces securely in place during welding operations. They are designed to provide stability and prevent movement or distortion of the workpiece while welding. Welding clamps come in various shapes and sizes, each serving a specific purpose based on the requirements of the welding task.

ESAB EG 600 & JK3 Earth Return Clamp

The EG 600 is an extremely robust earth clamp made of brass. The welding cable is attached using an hexagonal

ESAB Magnetic Position Holders – Large & Small

The powerful magnets keep the work piece in place when welding or soldering plates together at angles. The large model

ESAB MK 150, MP 200, MP 300 Earth Clamp

The MK 150 is a fully galvanised earth clamp with a maximum opening of 50 mm. The MP 200, MP

ESAB Welding Earth Eco Clamps – 250A & 400A

An earth clamp that provides good contact with the work piece and is available in two sizes.   Product No.

Irwin 119 Medium-Duty Forged G-Clamp 100mm (4in)

£12.15 ex. VAT     £14.58 inc VAT

Faithfull Welding Magnet Clamp Adjustable 114 x 50mm

£26.96 ex. VAT     £32.35 inc VAT

Faithfull Welding Magnet Quick Clamp 100 x 65mm

£10.79 ex. VAT     £12.95 inc VAT

Faithfull Welding Magnet Square 100 x 95mm

£18.87 ex. VAT     £22.64 inc VAT

Irwin 9R Locking Welding Clamp 225mm (9in)

£35.97 ex. VAT     £43.16 inc VAT

ESAB 600A & 400A Magnetic Earth Clamp

Magnetic earth clamps with strong gripping power that permits attachment to any ferrous object. These clamps provide a large contact

ESAB Return Earth Clamp CC11 – 0701400000

£12.63 ex. VAT     £15.16 inc VAT
This clamp is robustly constructed from substantial castings. The screw lever allows maximum compression to the workpiece. Suitable for up

Irwin 119 Medium-Duty Forged G-Clamp 150mm (6in)

£13.70 ex. VAT     £16.44 inc VAT

Irwin 120 Heavy-Duty G-Clamp 100mm (4in)

£21.97 ex. VAT     £26.36 inc VAT

Irwin 120 Heavy-Duty G-Clamp 150mm (6in)

£31.45 ex. VAT     £37.74 inc VAT

Irwin 120 Heavy-Duty G-Clamp 200mm (8in)

£48.97 ex. VAT     £58.76 inc VAT

Irwin 120 Heavy-Duty G-Clamp 75mm (3in)

£21.39 ex. VAT     £25.67 inc VAT

Types of Welding Clamps


C-Clamps, also known as G-clamps, are one of the most common types of welding clamps. They have a C-shaped frame with a threaded screw that can be tightened to secure the workpiece. C-Clamps are versatile and can be used for various welding applications.

Locking Pliers

Locking pliers, such as Vise-Grips, have a mechanism that allows them to lock in place and maintain a secure grip on the workpiece. They are useful for holding small parts or materials that may be difficult to clamp with other types of clamps.

Corner Clamps

Corner clamps are specifically designed for holding workpieces at right angles, such as when welding corners or joining two perpendicular pieces. They often have adjustable jaws or swivel pads that allow for different angle configurations.

Magnetic Clamps

Magnetic clamps use powerful magnets to hold ferrous (magnetic) workpieces in place. They are commonly used in welding applications where traditional clamps may not be suitable or convenient.

Pipe Clamps

Pipe clamps are used to secure cylindrical objects, such as pipes or tubes, during welding. They typically have adjustable jaws that can grip the pipe tightly and provide stability.

Toggle Clamps

Toggle clamps have a lever-operated mechanism that allows for quick and easy clamping. They are commonly used when repetitive clamping is required or when holding irregularly shaped workpieces.