Aluminium MMA / Arc Electrodes

Aluminium MMA electrodes, arc rods or sticks are used for welding aluminium and aluminium alloys. They are available in a variety of sizes and strengths, to suit different welding applications.

Some of the most popular aluminium electrodes include:

  • E4043 electrodes: These are general-purpose electrodes that are suitable for a wide range of welding applications.
  • E4343 electrodes: These are high-strength electrodes that are ideal for welding thick aluminium sections.
  • E4818 electrodes: These are corrosion-resistant electrodes that are suitable for welding aluminium that will be exposed to harsh environments.

When choosing aluminium electrodes, it is important to consider the type of aluminium that will be welded, the thickness of the aluminium, and the desired strength of the weld.

GeKa 12Si ALUWELD 4047 Aluminium Electrodes – 2kg

  • Low-heat-input manual electrode for joining cast aluminium alloys, plus repair and maintenance of sheet aluminium and aluminium casting, including rebuilding, filling cracks, breaks, shrink holes and missing bits
  • Excellent welding properties, good arc striking, clean flat flow, dense poreless seams
  • Thanks to these characteristics it enables perfect joining on plates up to 2 mm thick

What factors should I consider when choosing aluminium electrodes?

The following factors should be considered when choosing aluminium MMA electrodes:

  • The type of aluminium that will be welded.
  • The thickness of the aluminium.
  • The desired strength of the weld.
  • The environment in which the weld will be used.

How do I use aluminium MMA electrodes?

Aluminium MMA electrodes are used in a similar way to other types of MMA electrodes. However, there are a few key differences:

  • Aluminium electrodes require a higher amperage than other types of electrodes.
  • Aluminium electrodes must be preheated before welding.
  • Aluminium electrodes produce a lot of smoke, so it is important to have good ventilation with either an air-fed welding helmet or welding fume extractor.