Cellulosic Pipe MMA / Arc Electrodes

Cellulosic pipe arc electrodes are a type of welding electrode that is used for welding pipes. They are made of a cellulose-based core that is surrounded by a flux coating. The flux coating melts during welding and creates a protective layer around the weld. This helps to prevent the weld from rusting or corroding. Cellulosic pipe arc electrodes are a good choice for welding pipes in a variety of environments, including:

  • Out-of-position welding: Cellulosic electrodes have excellent properties for out-of-position welding, such as vertical-down welding.
  • Heavy-duty applications: Cellulosic electrodes are well-suited for welding heavy-duty pipes, such as those used in construction and manufacturing.
  • Challenging conditions: Cellulosic electrodes can be used in challenging welding conditions, such as those with high moisture or wind.

If you are looking for a welding electrode that is versatile, durable, and easy to use, then cellulosic pipe arc electrodes are a great option.

AWS Class


BOHLER Fox OHV E6013 Mild Steel Rutile-Cullolosic Electrode – Carton

  • Good weldability in all positions, including vertical-down
  • Popular E 6013 type
  • Suitable for small welding machines
  • Flexible coating
  • Good for tack welding
  • Versatile applications

Bohler FOX CEL Cellulosic Electrodes E6010 – Carton

  • Used in a variety of positions, including vertical down.
  • Resistant to cracking and porosity.
  • Excellent impact strength.
  • Can be used in sour gas applications.

Weld Star ArcTrode E6013 Rutile-Cellulosic RC Welding Sticks

  • Versatile and reliable for a wide range of applications
  • Easy to use and produce high-quality welds
  • Excellent arc stability and low spatter
  • Smooth weld bead appearance
  • Self-releasing slag for easy cleanup

ESAB Arcos Nufive Cellulosic Electrodes – Tin

ESAB Arcos Nufive Cellulosic Electrodes are the perfect choice for welding a wide range of pipe steels, including carbon steel,

Lincoln Fleetweld 5P+ Cellulosic Pipeline Electrodes E6010 – Can

  • Low hydrogen content for high-pressure applications
  • High deposition rate for faster welding
  • Good arc stability for easy use
  • Deep penetration and good arc control for versatility