1050 aluminium MIG welding wire is a pure aluminium (99.5%) wire that is used to weld aluminium alloys. It is a general-purpose wire that is suitable for a variety of applications, including welding sheet metal, extrusions, and castings. 1050 MIG welding wire produces a ductile weld that is equal in strength to the base metal. It is also easy to use and produces smooth, consistent welds.

Weldability SIF SIFMIG 1050 Aluminium MIG Wire ER1100 – 6.5Kg

  • Recommended for anodised alloys
  • Shaved wire made of highly pure aluminium (99.5% minimum) enables the creation of ductile welds that exhibit equal strength to the base metal
  • For joining of pure aluminium by TIG process: 1050, 1080, 1200, LM0
  • Can be used with Oxy – Acetylene and an appropriate flux as a brazing alloy.