Migatronic Sigma Core MIG/MAG 400v Welder

Simple welding machine with the core functions you need to weld. Sigma Core is a simple MIG / MAG welding

Migatronic Chemical 3F Flow Control PAPR

£1,381.25 ex. VAT     £1,657.50 inc VAT
New generation of motorised respiratory protection system, approved according to EN12941/TH2-TH3, EN12942/TM2-TM3 and density class IP65 for use in heavy

Migatronic TIG 201/400 COLLET 1.6mm 80330101

£1.65 ex. VAT     £1.98 inc VAT
TIG 201/400 COLLET 1.6mm 80330101

Migatronic TIG 201/400 COLLET 2.4mm

£1.65 ex. VAT     £1.98 inc VAT
TIG 201/400 COLLET 2.4mm

Migatronic TIG201 INSULATOR 80300189

£3.92 ex. VAT     £4.70 inc VAT
TIG201 INSULATOR 80300189

Migatronic TIG201/400 COLLET 3.2mm

£1.65 ex. VAT     £1.98 inc VAT
TIG201/400 COLLET 3.2mm

Migatronic CoWelder Welding Robot

  • Improve welding production efficiency and quality
  • Reduce labour costs and operator fatigue
  • Improve product consistency and repeatability
  • Free up welders to focus on more complex tasks

Migatronic Flame-Resistant Welders Hood 81930042

£62.50 ex. VAT     £75.00 inc VAT
  • Protects your head and face from the heat and sparks of welding
  • Improves visibility of your work
  • Reduces fatigue and discomfort
  • Helps to prevent accidents and injuries

Migatronic Leather Welders Hood for Head and Back of Neck 81910117

£43.25 ex. VAT     £51.90 inc VAT
Migatronic Welding hood in split leather for protection of head and back of the head during welding and grinding.  

Migatronic Kronos Welding Blanket 550c

  • Protect yourself and your surroundings from welding sparks and splatter
  • Reduce heat exposure
  • Increase safety and productivity
  • Extend the life of your welding equipment

Migatronic Heavy MIG Duty Welding Gloves

  • Superior protection from heat, sparks, and slag
  • Durable construction for long-lasting wear
  • Comfortable to wear for extended periods of time
  • A variety of safety features for added protection
  • Versatile enough for use in a variety of MIG welding applications

Migatronic MIG Welding Gloves

  • Superior heat and spatter protection
  • Durable and long-lasting construction
  • Fleece lining for comfort and warmth
  • Available in two sizes to fit most hands
  • Elasticated cuffs for a secure fit

Migatronic Zeta 100 Cooling Tube PT100 – 80600122

£10.80 ex. VAT     £12.96 inc VAT
COOLING TUBE PT100 80600122

Migatronic MMA Stick Electrode Holder – 200, 450, 600A

  • Fully isolating rubber cap
  • 2 position welding angle - 45° or 90°
  • Optimal current transfer
  • Screw type for optimal electrode grip

Migatronic GOUGING NOZZLE 80690115

£36.57 ex. VAT     £43.88 inc VAT

Migatronic CleanAIR Basic Flow Control PAPR

£812.50 ex. VAT     £975.00 inc VAT
Motorised respiratory protection system with P3 particle filter. The unit is equipped with a micro-computer that enables a constant flow

Migatronic 200F 4Mtr 7 POLE TIG TORCH

£195.00 ex. VAT     £234.00 inc VAT
Migatronic 200F 4Mtr 7 POLE TIG TORCH