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Take control of your industrial gas applications with our Nevoc gas regulators! These innovative regulators are designed for the next generation of European gas cylinders, featuring the standardised NEVOC (New European Valve Outlet Connection) system. Built to handle the high pressures of 300 bar cylinders, Nevoc regulators offer exceptional safety and efficiency for a wide range of applications. From medical gas delivery to food-grade CO2 dispensing, Nevoc ensures precise gas flow control, minimising waste and maximising productivity. Experience the future of gas cylinder technology with Nevoc regulators – optimise your workflow and streamline your operations.


What are Nevoc gas regulators and what applications are they used for?

Nevoc gas regulators are a new generation of regulators designed specifically for European gas cylinders that utilise the standardised NEVOC (New European Valve Outlet Connection) system. These regulators are built to handle the high pressures of 300 bar cylinders and offer precise gas flow control, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. Some common applications include:

  • Industrial gas supply: Inert gases like Nitrogen for purging or pressurised air for powering pneumatic tools
  • Medical gas delivery: Precise control of medical gasses like Oxygen or Nitrous Oxide in hospitals
  • Food and beverage industry: Dispensing CO2 for carbonation in drinks or inert gas for packaging
  • Chemical and research labs: Safe and controlled delivery of various gases used in research and experimentation.

What are the benefits of using Nevoc gas regulators?

There are several advantages to using Nevoc gas regulators:

  • Safety: The standardised NEVOC connection ensures a secure and leak-free connection between the regulator and the cylinder valve
  • Efficiency: Precise flow control minimises gas waste and optimises usage
  • Performance: Designed for high-pressure applications (300 bar), Nevoc regulators offer reliable performance
  • Streamlined workflow: The NEVOC system allows for quick and easy regulator attachment and removal

How do I choose the right Nevoc gas regulator?

When choosing a Nevoc gas regulator, consider these factors:

  • The type of gas you will be using: Different gases may require specific regulator features or materials
  • The flow rate you need: Regulators come in various flow rate capacities to match your application’s demands
  • Number of stages: Single-stage regulators offer basic pressure regulation, while multi-stage regulators provide more precise control
  • Additional features: Some regulators may have pressure gauges, flowmeters, or safety relief valves depending on your needs.
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