Propane Gas Bottles

Propane gas, also referred to as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), is a versatile and efficient fuel used in various contexts. Propane is derived from petroleum or natural gas and is commonly used as a fuel source due to its easily liquefiable nature.
LPG finds extensive use in both leisure and commercial settings, catering to a broad range of applications, such as, camping and caravan gas, BBQ gas, patio heating, construction and agriculture, forklift gas, and hospitality.
Shop our Flogas propane cylinder range including various propane gas bottle sizes to cater to your needs. Our propane range comprises of 3.9kg, 6kg, 11, 18kg, 19kg, and 47kg.

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Our Flogas forklift gas bottles have been designed to fuel your forklift trucks with efficiency and reliability. FLT propane cylinders

Patio Gas Bottle | 6kg | 11kg | Propane Gas Cylinder | BBQ Gas

Our Flogas 6kg and 11kg patio gas bottles are designed to enhance your outdoor leisure activities with a reliable and

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Gas Light Bottles Gas Light is a range of lightweight propane gas bottles, designed to provide the ultimate convenience. Their

Propane gas bottle | 3.9kg | 6kg | 11kg |19kg | 47kg propane cylinders | Rent free gas

Delivery disclaimer for gas cylinders 20L and above: Areas outside of SO* (Southampton),PO* (Portsmouth), BH* (Bournemouth), SP* (Salisbury), DT* (Dorchester), RG* (Reading) are  'collection' only. Delivery is available beyond these areas (nationwide) for cylinder sizes that are under 20L.

Propane Gas Bottle FAQs

What is the difference between propane gas and LPG gas?

Propane gas and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) are often used interchangeably to refer to the same fuel. Propane gas is a type of LPG gas commonly used for various applications, including outdoor cooking, heating, and powering equipment.

Can I use your propane gas bottles for BBQ grills?

Absolutely. Our 6kg and 11kg propane gas bottles are perfect for powering BBQ grills, providing instant heat and precise temperature control for a great grilling experience. Choose our high-quality safe leisure bottle gas or our lightweight propane Gas Light range for your next barbecue.

Do you offer delivery services for propane gas bottles?

Yes, we provide reliable delivery services for your convenience. Whether you need propane gas for your leisure activities or commercial operations, we ensure prompt delivery to your location or collection at our Southampton depot. Please check our delivery options and charges during the checkout process.