Weld Cleaning Brush Accessories

Weld cleaning brush accessories are tools used to clean and prepare welds for finishing. These accessories can include a range of different brushes, abrasives, and polishing compounds that are used to remove rust, scale, and other contaminants from the surface of the weld.

Cougarton FURY Wand & Twist Shroud Set – For Single Brush WELC2470

£142.00 ex. VAT     £170.40 inc VAT
Cougartron FURY Twisting Shroud Set for a single FURY 200A brush. The twisting shroud allows you to precisely control the

Cougartron 4 Brush Set – Wand, Adapter & Twist Shroud WELC2214

£179.00 ex. VAT     £214.80 inc VAT
Cougartron brush assembly for cleaning welds and surfaces with four brushes simultaneously. The assembly can be used for surface cleaning

Cougartron 500mm Wand Extension WELC2009

£81.90 ex. VAT     £98.28 inc VAT
The 500mm wand extension is a useful tool when cleaning hard to reach areas as it increases the total length

Cougartron Brush Angle Adaptor – 45, 90 and 135 Degrees

Position the tip of your weld cleaning brush at an angle of 45°, 90° or 135° degrees to clean hard-to-reach

Cougartron FURY Double Brush Set WELC2448

£205.00 ex. VAT     £246.00 inc VAT
A special double brush set to hold two FURY 200A brushes at the same time for faster and more effective

Cougartron FURY M8 to M6 adaptor For Single Brush WELC2546

£45.00 ex. VAT     £54.00 inc VAT
M6 adaptor allows connecting all Cougartron weld cleaning brushes to the Cougartron FURY Wand that is made originally for the

Cougartron FURY Quad Brush Assembly WELC2457

£243.00 ex. VAT     £291.60 inc VAT
Clean welds and surfaces four times faster with the new Cougartron FURY Quad Brush Set. Now you can clean welds

Cougartron FURY Triple Brush Set WELC2313

£170.00 ex. VAT     £204.00 inc VAT
The FURY 3 Brush assembly was designed to hold three FURY brushes at the same time during weld cleaning and

Cougartron M6 Double Brush Adaptor WELC2006

£45.00 ex. VAT     £54.00 inc VAT
Cougartron double brush adaptor holds two brushes at the same time to cover a larger surface area, and to achieve

Cougartron M6 Quad Brush Adaptor WELC2010

£85.00 ex. VAT     £102.00 inc VAT
The Quad Brush Adaptor holds 4 brushes* simultaneously for faster and more efficient weld cleaning with powerful weld cleaners –

Cougartron Replacement FURY Double Brush Twisting Shroud WELC2572

£142.00 ex. VAT     £170.40 inc VAT
A spare twisting shroud for the FURY Double Brush Set. The twist shroud protects the brush, increases its longevity, and

Cougartron Replacement FURY Quad Brush Twisting Shroud WELC2573

£253.00 ex. VAT     £303.60 inc VAT
A spare twisting shroud for Cougartron Quad Brush Sets. Made from high-quality material to withstand high temperatures. A twisting shroud

Cougartron Replacement FURY Triple Brush Twist Shroud WELC2327

£87.00 ex. VAT     £104.40 inc VAT
Spare Twist Shroud for the FURY triple brush assembly. The shroud is used for insulation, crimp, and brush protection. Using

Cougartron Replacement FURY Twist Shroud for Single Brush WELC2545

£62.00 ex. VAT     £74.40 inc VAT
Replacement FURY Twist Shroud (for single brush). The twisting shroud will improve your cleaning performance and increase the longevity of

Cougartron Replacement Twist Shroud WELC2227

£62.00 ex. VAT     £74.40 inc VAT
Cougartron Twist Shroud is mounted on the brush wand and controls the length of the brush. Twisting Shroud (for single

Cougartron Replacement Wand for FURY Single Brush Twist Shroud WELC2547

£62.00 ex. VAT     £74.40 inc VAT
Cougartron Wand for single FURY 200A brush. A replacement part for the FURY single brush twisting shroud set. A spare

Cougartron Replacement Wand WELC2235

£62.00 ex. VAT     £74.40 inc VAT
The wand is connected to the handle cable and holds the cleaning brush and the twisting shroud. Spare Wand to

Cougartron Single Long Brush Fixed Shroud WELC2038

£65.00 ex. VAT     £78.00 inc VAT
The long brush shroud protects the crimp of the brush and prevents the fibers on a new brush from being

Cougartron Single Short Fixed Brush Shroud WELC2001

£52.00 ex. VAT     £62.40 inc VAT
The role of the short brush shroud is to protect the metal crimp on the brush from being damaged. The

Cougartron ThunderBrush III Large Shroud WELC2090

£65.00 ex. VAT     £78.00 inc VAT
The shroud covers the copper crimp of the Thunderbrush III weld cleaning brush and prevents the reaction (arcing) with the