Weld Marking & Etching Fluid

To achieve accurate and consistent marking results in metal fabrication, the selection of suitable marking and etching fluids is essential. Browse our range of specialised marking fluids for different metal surfaces including stainless steel, mild steel, brass, aluminium, and more. The formulas of electrolytic marking fluids are formulated to be gentle and low-risk, ensuring safe and effective use in various applications.

Cougartron CGT-AL Aluminium Marking Fluid WELC3116 – 0.5L

£74.00 ex. VAT     £88.80 inc VAT
Cougartron CGT-AL is a marking fluid specially developed for electrolytic marking on aluminium. If you need to mark your aluminium

Cougartron CGT-BR Brass Marking Fluid WELC3118 – 0.5L

£74.00 ex. VAT     £88.80 inc VAT
Cougartron CGT-BR is a marking fluid for brass and bronze surfaces. It will work on bronze surfaces at 12V AC

Cougartron CGT-MS Mild Steel Marking Fluid WELC3117 – 0.5L

£74.00 ex. VAT     £88.80 inc VAT
Cougartron CGT-MS is a specialised marking fluid for mild steel surfaces. Mark your logos and product information on Mild Steel

Cougartron CGT-S1 Stainless Steel Marking Fluid WELC3115 – 0.5L

£71.00 ex. VAT     £85.20 inc VAT
Use the popular stainless steel marking fluid CGT-S1 formula to mark onto any stainless steel surface. Watch a video down

Cougartron CGT-TI Titanium Marking Fluid WELC3133 – 0.5L

£74.00 ex. VAT     £88.80 inc VAT
Do you need to mark onto titanium metal surfaces? Use our specialised marking fluid for titanium – Cougartron CGT-TI Supplied