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Welding fume extraction is the process of removing harmful fumes and particles generated during welding to ensure the safety of workers. Welding fume extractors work by drawing in the contaminated air and passing it through a filter or series of filters to remove harmful particles and fumes. The clean air is then returned back to the work environment, ensuring a healthy and safe working environment. Shop our range of high-quality welding fume extractors and industrial ventilation systems designed to ensure the safety of workers. From portable welding fume extractors to large-scale air filtration systems, we have everything you need to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

How does fume extraction work  |  Where do LEV inspections fit in?

LEV inspections, also referred to as Local Exhaust Ventilation inspections, play an essential role in welding fume extraction. Regular LEV inspections ensure that the welding fume extraction system is operating effectively and providing adequate protection to workers. These inspections typically involve a thorough examination of the local exhaust ventilation system, including the fume extractors, ducting, and filters, to ensure that they are in good condition and operating as intended. Our team of engineers are all P601 certified (BOHS standards) meaning that if you book your LEV inspection with EWS our inspectors will ensure your system meets welding fume extraction regulations and most importantly that your welders are protected from respiratory hazards associated with welding fumes.

What is welding fume extraction legislation?

The COSHH regulations require that all LEV systems are subject to a thorough examination and tested every 14 months. Missed or inadequate testing can result in employers being prosecuted, insurance being invalidated and employee health risks. Our specialist team work strictly in accordance with HSG258 guidelines on Controlling Airborne Contaminants as well as conform to HSE standards.

What is the best way to remove welding fumes?

The most effective way to remove welding fumes is a welding fume extraction system / LEV system or a portable welding fume extractor. In addition to using a welding fume extraction system, other measures can be taken to minimize the exposure to welding fumes. These include proper ventilation of the work area, the use of PPE (such as respirators) and the implementation of safe work practices (such as avoiding welding in confined spaces). Regular maintenance and inspection of the welding fume extraction system and other safety measures should also be conducted to ensure that workers are protected from the harmful effects of welding fumes.

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