Weld Cleaning, Marking & Etching Machines

Weld cleaning machines are a safe and effective way to remove discoloration, heat tints, and oxides from metal surfaces after welding. They are a great alternative to pickling and grinding, which can be dangerous and time-consuming.

Our weld cleaning machines use a low voltage, high current electrical current to remove the contaminants from the metal surface. This process is called electrolytic cleaning, and it is very effective at removing even the most stubborn weld contaminants.

We offer a variety of weld cleaning machines to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you are a professional welder or a hobbyist, we have a weld cleaning machine that is right for you.

Cougartron FURY 100 Weld Cleaner Starter Set WELC1044

£5,940.00 ex. VAT     £7,128.00 inc VAT
FURY 100 is a powerful electrolytic weld cleaning system designed to effectively remove all types of contamination from stainless steel

Cougartron FURY 200 Weld Cleaner Starter Set WELC1041

£7,930.00 ex. VAT     £9,516.00 inc VAT
Cougartron FURY 200 is a very powerful and fast electrolytic weld cleaning system for long and heavily oxidised welds. Suitable

Cougartron InoxMuscle Weld Cleaner Machine Set WELC1036

£2,040.00 ex. VAT     £2,448.00 inc VAT
Lightweight and effective weld cleaner suitable for weld cleaning and electro-polishing of light and dark stainless steel TIG welds and

Cougartron InoxPower Weld Cleaner Machine Set WELC1037

£1,170.00 ex. VAT     £1,404.00 inc VAT
Lightweight and compact electrolytic weld cleaner suitable for work on light and dark stainless steel (1-3mm) TIG welds. Ideal for

Cougartron MK12 Metal Marking Machine Set WELC4027

£549.00 ex. VAT     £658.80 inc VAT
The Cougartron MK12 Metal Marking Machine is a powerful electrochemical machine for marking and etching of: Product names Part numbers

Cougartron MK612 Electrochemical Metal Marking Machine Set WELC4024

£1,355.00 ex. VAT     £1,626.00 inc VAT
Cougartron MK612 is a portable electrochemical metal marking machine equipped with a variable voltage technology (6-12V). By lowering the voltage

Cougartron Plus Weld Cleaner Machine Set WELC1017

£2,990.00 ex. VAT     £3,588.00 inc VAT
Cougartron Plus is a smart alternative for smaller production environments and stainless steel weld cleaning. It is lighter while still

Cougartron ProPlus Weld Cleaner Starter Set WELC1016

£3,950.00 ex. VAT     £4,740.00 inc VAT
Efficient and strong weld cleaner for all TIG and MIG (1-5mm) stainless steel welds. The machine enables electrochemical cleaning, passivation,

Weld cleaning, marking, and etching machines are tools used in the metalworking industry for various purposes:

  1. Weld cleaning machines are used to remove discoloration, oxidation, and other impurities left behind after welding. These machines typically use electrolysis to clean the weld, and they can be used on stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals.
  2. Marking machines are used to add permanent markings to metal parts. These markings can include serial numbers, logos, and other identifying information. Marking machines may use laser, dot peen, or other technologies to create the markings.
  3. Etching machines are used to create designs or patterns on metal surfaces. These machines use a chemical process to remove a small amount of the metal surface, creating a permanent etched design. Etching machines are often used for decorative purposes, such as creating designs on jewelry or metal artwork.